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Funds -- Divested Funds -- SARA
South Asian Regional Apex Fund
Corpus : US$ 25 mn
Vintage : 1995
Focus : Venture Capital
Status : Divested
Number of Investments : 26
No. of Divestments : 26
Gross Return * : 8.5% p.a.
* Gross Return in US$ terms for fully divested investments.

South Asian Regional Apex Fund (SARA), launched in 1995, was a $25 million fund primarily focused on growth investments in small to medium-sized enterprises engaged in technology, manufacturing, media and retailing.

Contributors to the SARA Fund included multi lateral institutions like International Finance Corporation, Washington, Japan Bank for International Corporation, Asian Development Bank, and Indian institutions like ICICI, Industrial Development Bank of India, Small Industries Development Bank of India, Punjab & Sindh Bank etc.

While the Fund was originally conceived with a development orientation, and had a specific allocation for smaller developments in early stage companies, the portfolio was optimized and since mid-1998, SARA has invested across technology, media, distribution, biotechnology and telecommunications.

SARA has exited from all its investments, generating a gross return of 8.5% p.a.

Key Transactions: