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Verticals -- Private Equity
Recognized Source of Capital
Riding on strong economic growth, increasing capital expenditure, global acquisitions and the need to develop scale, the Indian entrepreneurs calls for an ever increasing funding appetite both from traditional and non-traditional sources. The realization that Private Equity adds value by improving financial strategy, increasing access to a wider resource network and enhancing corporate governance standards has resulted in PE being widely accepted by entrepreneurs. Higher standards of management, governance and transparency results in increased investor confidence and therefore Private Equity funded companies have been ascribed higher valuation and market response.

Broad Investment Spectrum
IIML has been a seasoned provider of Private Equity capital to companies across sectors. Starting with the AIG India Sectoral Equity Fund in late 90's, when IIML became the earliest investors into the then nascent retail sector, IIML's Private Equity practice has led investments across a range of sectors - sunrise areas like pharmaceutical research, high-end telecom technology product development, media production services, technology led CRM and news services to traditional sectors such as textiles, drug manufacturing, construction, processed foods, component and tool fabrication and hotels.

Both the Leverage India Fund and the Tara India Fund III have developed a portfolio balanced across the 5 key verticals of the IIML's Private Equity practice.
  • Retail Media and Consumer Services
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Infrastructure related services

Extensive Sourcing Capabilities
IIML has extensive experience across sectors and a strong track record of adding value to its investments. Through past experience, IIML has a developed a vast network which enables it to identify investment opportunities ahead of competition and to make investments at attractive valuations. This also enables IIML to source deals that are not available in the market. The robust track record and strong market perception has made IIML a preferred source of private equity funding for companies.

Target Companies
IIML looks to invest in post revenue companies led by established management teams who have displayed strong leadership and are at an inflection point of their growth curves. The investments are to support the growth opportunities for Indian companies by way of expansions, restructuring, buyouts etc.

IIML actively pursues investments in companies with a 3-5 year investment horizon in key select sector i.e. agriculture, healthcare, education, fintech and renewable energy.

Signature deals made by the Funds include:
  • Godrej Beverages & Food Limited
  • ibn18 Broadcast Limited
  • ABG Shipyard Limited
  • Tejas Networks India Limited
  • Spicejet Limited