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Funds -- Active Funds -- SCI Asia
Standard Chartered IL&FS Asia Infrastructure Growth Fund
Corpus : US$ 658 mn
Vintage : 2008
Focus : Infrastructure
Status : Invested
Number of Investments : 9
No. of Divestments : 6*
* Including partial divestments

As part of its initiatives to expand in the rapidly expanding Infrastructure sector, IL&FS Investment Managers raised a US$ 658 mn Pan Asian Infrastructure Fund jointly with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB).

The Fund - "Standard Chartered IL&FS Asia Infrastructure Growth Fund" or SCI Asia - invested in high-growth infrastructure assets in rapidly expanding Asian markets, primarily in India and China.

SCI Asia provided an excellent platform to partner with two of Asia's premier financial and infrastructure institutions with an experienced local team of infrastructure and private equity experts.

SCI Asia built a portfolio of attractive assets, comprising operating toll roads, power plants, water treatment projects, waste management services etc.

The Fund has had 6 exits and liquidity events.

Key Transactions: