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Corporate Social Responsibility Programme
Corporate Social Responsibility Programme
FY2018, IL&FS Investment Managers (IIML) provided a grant of ₹ 10.7 mn towards a healthcare programme in rural Maharashtra, educational initiatives in and around Mumbai, a pan India Skill Development Programme and a mentorship programme for women entrepreneurs
Swati - IIML providing training to beneficiaries in the 18-35 years age group Skill Development Programme: The objective of the skill development programme is to provide gainful employment to urban unemployed and population below the poverty line. IIML supported a pan India skill development programme providing training to beneficiaries in the 18-35 years age group. Eligible beneficiaries include minimally educated people in the age group of 18-35 years, urban poor, women, persons with disabilities, disaster/project affected people and those not covered under any government schemes. In the current year 2,300 candidates were trained and 1,600 obtained employment upto April 2018. Top sectors for placements include automotive, construction, retail and apparels
Sharda Night School, Vikhroli Educational Initiatives - Masoom: Masoom works with 60 night schools across Mumbai to improve the quality of education. In the current year, IIML supported 2 educational institutes - Vidya Vikas Night School, Ghatkopar and Sharda Night School, Vikhroli. Around 150 students were supported by IIML in these schools. Support by IIML included infrastructure support (books, libraries, laboratories, audio visual learning, nutrition etc), capacity building (training of various stakeholders such as trustees, headmasters, teachers, students, parents and nonteaching staff). The Masoom programme aimed at improved attendance, enrolment and academic performance
Healthcare at Palghar - Mobile Medical Unit (Savali)
Healthcare at Palghar - Mobile Medical Unit (Savali): The mobile medical unit (“MMU”) started operations in January 2016. In the current financial year, the MMU catered to 30 villages covering 10,000 patients - ~74% of diseases diagnosed comprised muscular pain, skin diseases, diarrhoea and common cold. ~50% of diseases were communicable in nature. The gender mix comprises women (44%), men (25%) and children (31%). A deeper analysis revealed that the root cause of most diseases were drinking water and nutrition issues. Consequently, Savali has installed water purifiers on a pilot basis in 4 locations. Additionally, discussions have been held with IIT Center for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas to resolve these issues
rainwater harvesting, cropping using coco-peat, cloth bag making, making stools for schools, repair of school infrastructure Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) – (Savali): The IBT programme was initiated in FY2016 and is being implemented in 5 schools in Maharashtra (Jawhar, Kudal, Murbad, Pune and Sindhudurg) covering 760 students. Students are being trained in Engineering, Agriculture, Energy & Environment and Health & Home science. In FY2018, IIML continued its support of operating expenses in the 5 schools. The children participated in various activities during the year including preparing models of rainwater harvesting, cropping using coco-peat, cloth bag making, making stools for schools, repair of school infrastructure etc.
Sharda Night School, Vikhroli
Entrepreneurship Programme: A mentorship programme was carried out with 30 high achieving women entrepreneurs. The key features included:
  • Annual turnover enhanced from ₹ 6.5 mn to ₹ 16 mn

  • Loans aggregating ₹ 1.4 mn were availed by the women in the current year

  • These women contribute ~60% of the family income
These entrepreneurs will be monitored in FY2019 for further progress
Entrepreneurship Programme