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Funds -- Active Funds -- PAPDF
Pan Asia Project Development Fund
Corpus : US$ 45 mn
Vintage : 2006
Focus : Infrastructure
Status : Fully Invested
Number of Investments : 7
No. of Divestments : 7*
*Including partial divestment

With the demonstrated success of the India Project Development Fund (IPDF), the Pan Asia Project Development Fund (PAPDF) was established in the year 2006 with a corpus of US$ 45 mn. The mandate of PAPDF was similar to that of IPDF - investment in infrastructure projects and concepts at the project development stage, with the key difference being that PAPDF seeks to undertake investment in the Asian region, more particularly in South East Asian region, with a larger focus on India.

PAPDF not only attracted international investors, as against only Indian contributors in IPDF, it also was nearly three times in terms of size compared to IPDF.

PAPDF has committed to seven investments aggregating US$ 39 mn. These investments cover varied infrastructure sub-sectors - gas distribution, logistics, e-governance and waste management.

Key Transactions: